Reasons in Getting Challenge Coins

Being part of an organization has its perks. After all, why would you join such in the first place? In order to claim some perks, you need to prove your affiliation to the group. One of the proofs often used is a challenge coin. The practice of rewarding, acquiring and using challenge coins is a military tradition; hence, it is named as military coins as well. But at the present time, the tradition is practiced beyond the military, by individuals who are not part of the military. Because of such, the reasons in getting these coins multiplied. Some of these reasons are as follows:

•    Boost morale

challenge coinsIn the US military, those who rendered commendable services will be given a medallion or coin. This is similar to the ancient tradition in Rome where soldiers received a special coin for fighting well. The ancient Romans may opt to exchange the coins for goods and services because the coins were considered as mediums of change or currency. On the other hand, the present-day military coins are not considered as actual currency but some individuals are willing to buy them. In spite of their value, receivers of military coins opted to keep their coins. It’s because these coins serve as symbols of valor.

Due to its symbolism, challenge coins are being pursued by members of the military of different ranks and positions. They strive to perform well in their duties. Once they get hold of these coins, they become more motivated to do better so they could acquire more. A lot of these men carry their coins with pride.

•    Build camaraderie

Organizations of various sizes and advocacies observe the coin tradition to promote cooperation and unity in the group. The uniformity of the coins serves as a symbol of their oneness.

•    Prove affiliation

The most common story on the origin of the challenge coins tells that the coin was initially used to prove allegiance to the Allied Forces. It was used by a captive out of desperation and fear from an ally who first thought that the captive was an enemy.

Coins as proof of affiliation are used in certain circumstances. It could be for discounts or freebies in some allied sellers and stores. In some organizations, such as fraternities and sororities, these coins are used to avail special consideration. Members of the same group tend to favor each other. This can be observed in hiring processes.

•    For collection

One apparently trivial reason to get a challenge coin is for one’s collection. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the enthusiasm of avid coin collectors in this hobby. They also contribute by sharing what they learned from studying their coin collections. Coin collectors are one of the most hard-working researchers in that field. Oftentimes, they collaborate with their fellow collectors. They also put their collections into display. These hobbyists find satisfaction in doing these things.

•    Gain money

Some avid collectors resort to paying money to get hold of challenge coins. This is because some coins are really difficult to find. If you have old and strange coins, try researching online for their worth. You may also look for potential buyers at the forums of collectors. You can sell them online or you may opt to put an auction first.

Coins are made from various metals. Some are made from nickel, brass and copper. Rare coins are made from bronze, silver and even gold. Because of their components, these coins may be melted down to form new coins or jewels. You may opt to pawn or sell them as well.

•    Being qualified to challenge and be challenged

A challenge coin won’t be called as such if not used for a challenge. The original challenge was a soldier should present his challenge coin after being challenged by a superior or an equal who presented his coin and challenge. Whoever fails in his task would order and pay for the drinks of the one who succeeded in the challenge.

Today, the challenges that use challenge coins vary from one group to another. Still, some rules are retained.

Employee Retention Starts from Hiring the Right People

Employees are important parts of an organization. They are the ones who contribute to the satisfaction of your customers. They are an investment to the company if you will be able to keep them for a long time. To help you do that, you must have employee retention strategies and programs. Employee retention refers to the effort made by an organization to retain its employees in their company. It aims to reach the satisfaction of your employees in their job. It also helps your company to pay for the cost of frequent employee turnover.

To have the best and loyal employees, you must start by hiring the right people. “As a business owner or manager, you know that hiring the wrong person is the most costly mistake you can make,” says Brian Tracy, chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in the training and development of individuals and organizations. Excessive employee turnover will cost the organization a lot, so to avoid hiring the wrong people, start employee retention programs as early as the initial interview of your applicants.

Employee retentionWhat are the factors that losing an employee will most likely affect? The first one is the cost of hiring new people. An application for a new employee requires advertising, interviewing and screening. Once you deploy those applicants, you need to provide them their training and development in their assigned jobs. It usually takes 1 to 2 years to achieve the productivity that you want for a new employee.

The second one is the frequent losing of employees. It may also affect existing employees’ performance because they might lose motivation and engagement in their work. They need to adjust to new people and fill up what those employees are lacking. Whenever they see a problem, they would always ask, “Why are these happening?”, and if this will continue, you might lose more people.

The last one is the satisfaction of your customers. It should be the main goal of every organization. You cannot avoid errors and mistakes from employees especially if they are just new hires. That is why if you allow more employee turnovers to happen, you are just welcoming more errors and mistakes to your company. This will affect your customer’s view of your company’s products or services. Therefore, you may not only lose productivity, you might also lose profitability.

It is a big gamble for an organization to lose and gain employees. What are the employee retention policies that you need to set to avoid employee turnovers? First, during the initial interviews, do not just rely on what you observe about the personality of the applicant. You must also look at their skills. How much of their ability can they contribute to the company?

Second, the mission, vision, and core values of the organization must be clear to them. As a future employee, they must have the same goals and values as you to achieve the same results. Third, you must conduct a thorough background check for every applicant. These new employees will work in your company and you need to entrust it with them. That’s why you need to make sure that they will take good care of it like you do, treating it as their own.

Lastly, always make sure that the newly appointed employees would have the proper orientation for them to be perfectly prepared for the job.

Hiring new people may seem difficult but if done right, it can be helpful in retaining your employees. You must look at them as a long-term investment to your company. Always assure them that they will have the compensation and benefits that they deserve in exchange for the services they will provide to the organization. Always remember, employee retention starts during the hiring process.

What makes a keynote speaker?

A keynote speaker is usually referred to as someone who is willing to stand up in front of and talk to the audience for more or less an hour. Basically, as the speaker, he must be engaging enough to get the attention of the audience the entire time. However, keynote speakers are more often than not being mistaken with motivational speakers, inspirational speakers, industry experts, business speakers, plenary speakers, or any other speakers out there that are not even considered as keynote speakers.

While those speakers can still be considered as keynote speakers in one way or another, most of these professional speakers still lack the edge of being a keynote speaker, or vice versa.

So what really makes a speaker a keynoter? What exactly is it that makes a keynoter unique and different from other types of professional speakers?

www.motivational-speaker-success.comIn essence, a keynote speakerneeds to have the ability to encapsulate the main essence of the event that he is talking at and eventually relay that message to the audience within the amount of time given to him. In order for this keynoterto give out his message effectively, he must be willing to devote some time researching on the topic, the issues, the industry, and even the audience.

After the keynoter has already gathered enough information through his research, he should now be able to form his presentation in a distinctive style designed just for the audience of the event. The keynoter needs to use different techniques in presenting the speech. He can add humor as well to make the speech lively and entertaining for the audience (of course, this still has some considerations). The idea is that the keynoter should be creative enough in interlacing the keynote message into the program. The presentation should be enjoyable enough to the audience but at the same time it should also be memorable to them. What is the essence of your presentation if your audience will not even remember what you talked about?

One of the main tasks of the keynoter is to inspire as well as to energize the audience. Also, the role of a keynoter does not end once he has already left the stage; he still needs to establish a connection with the audience afterwards. His keynote speech must start a further discussion and in turn provide more relevant information to the people.

Dr. Nick Morgan, a coach of professional speakers, once said that the importance of a keynoter—or its edge over the other professional speakers out there—is that he has the ability to “change the minds of a group of people, to persuade them of something they hadn’t seen, known, or believed before.”

Additionally, Morgan even referred to a keynote speaker as a “temporary tribal leader,” which means that the speaker should be powerful enough to move—or “lead”—the audience. Basically, as the speaker, the keynoter must have the knack to motivate the audience to act.

Moreover, what tells a keynoter apart from other professional speakers is that he does not discuss a particular topic with too many details that can be overwhelming to the audience. A keynoter is more focused on the essence rather than on the nitty-gritty of a message.

“An audience is too busy responding to a keynote speaker’s message to work on such details,” Morgan tells.

Given the limited time usually devoted to keynote speeches, the keynoter will most likely not be able to squeeze in every single detail about the issue. Therefore, he needs to focus more on the importance of the issue rather than on the details. What makes a keynoter effective is that he can make the audience realize why the entire matter is even important in the first place.

HCG and Pregnancy

There is a rumor that following diet programs to reduce weight instantly will cause in permanent deformation of facial features as well as loss of skin firmness all over the body. Although one cannot confirm the authenticity of the rumor for all the programs in the world, it is not true in the case of HCG diet program. HCG is one of the very few diet programs in the world, who do not leave the dieters to deal the side effects of dieting such as wrinkles and loose skin.

best hcg dropsNot only does the HCG increase the metabolic activity of the dieter, it improves the efficiency of the hypothyroid process in the human body. This makes the weight loss one of the daily processes in the human body. Unlike other dietary practices, HCG adopts a process which is not alien to the human body. This eradicates the possibility of having side effects due to the use of HCG diet plan. The supplements are used to breakdown certain fatty acids in such a way that they re-enter the circulatory system of the body. These fats are used in the metabolic activities, leading to the effective removal of the fats from the body. On the other hand, fats which maintain the muscle mass of the body are left relatively untouched, preserving the muscular structure of the body intact.

HCG is one of the major reasons for the maternal glow in pregnant woman. Most of the women seem to glow with radiance when they are pregnant. Studies have found out that HCG plays an important role in adding glow to the skin of the women. This fact is used to the best advantage in the HCG diet program. This particular characteristic is used to counter the skin problems which arise due to the dieting practices. HCG makes the skin reach the state, when it gives an extraordinary glow generally associated with good health.

This increase in freshness of skin is one of the most desired outcomes of many beauty practices. There is a distinct improvement in the shape, as well as the texture of the body, which results in an overall increase in the attractiveness of the dieter’s personality. This increase in skin radiance throws a complete contrast on the visible decrease of extra pounds in the body. This makes the dieter look healthier and fitter than before starting the diet.

Dieters need not worry about the effect of HCG on the beauty of a person. There are confirmed reports of HCG being an integral part of lotions and procedures designed to increase the overall beauty of women. These supplements ensure that the dieters remain healthy, while they shed all the extra pounds in their bodies.

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You need to eat a lot of foods that are high in calories that you would normally try and avoid. At the same time as you are ‘fat-loading’, you will begin taking the best hcg drops.

Long Island Real Estate Dilemma: Residential Versus Commercial Property

You already have the budget, but it still seems so hard for you to decide on which Long Island real estate properties you are going to purchase. Making a real estate investment often boils down to choosing between residential and commercial properties. You may be wondering which of these two can maximize your chances for making a great investment.

Residential properties are referred to as dwelling units. It can be anywhere from multi families, single-family homes, condos and apartment buildings. On the other hand, commercial properties are the ones that take their income from sources that are non-residential. These can be in the form of retail space, offices and even industrial tenants.

real estateUsually, the decision of purchasing Long Island real estate greatly depends on the global issues that the U.S is currently facing. This is why when buying commercial property, it is really important to be cautious about it. For example, the tenant of your commercial property may no longer pursue expanding their space due to financial constraints. This alone can greatly affect you because you need to make some adjustments on this such as lowering your rental rates. Once the demand for rental spaces also declines, you will also find it hard to pay for the property’s monthly fees.

Residential properties are also more affordable to own because there are instances when the rates of mortgage drop. This is why there are plenty of apartment vacancies as the tenants can already afford to buy their own home. There are also local issues that you need to take into consideration. This can also affect your decision in purchasing a property.

However you should also keep in mind that both residential and commercial properties have their own pros and cons. Residential units can be rented easily and the leases are usually short. It is also easy to finance residential unit and you can easily keep an eye of its progress or development. However, these dwelling units must also be managed properly. If you are going to consider single-family home, you will easily lose 100% of your rental once the tenant decides to move out. More repairs and maintenance are required for older houses and this can cost you more time and money.

With regard to commercial properties, less hands-on management is required and you also get to share the expenses with the tenants especially on repairs and maintenance. You can also be sure that renewals are less frequent and you have specific hours set for complaints. When it comes to financing, commercial properties can be more complex than residential properties. Each type of properties has its own pros and cons but the decision will solely be up to you. Long Island real estate is indeed a good choice regardless if it is commercial or residential.

Boring Golf Shirts Meets Fashion

Fashion and sports have recently reached a new level of relationship, especially in the world of golf. Before, women never really had much choice when it comes to clothing. The designs and variety of golf shirts, shorts, and other accessories were limited and restricted. Thanks to some of the popular names in the fashion industry, however, female golfers can now score both in sports and in style.

This innovation was actually a way to address a growing problem in the golf apparel manufacturing industry. Sales were plummeting and to keep up with the competition, they had no choice but to introduce new designs. By combining different fabrics, colors, and styles, they sparked a fresh line of sporting attire that gathered positive responses from female golfers.

golf shirtsOne of the main problems causing their sales drop is that women cannot wear their golf shirts and shorts outside the course. These clothes were so focused on comfort and function that the Fashion Police would instantly arrest any golfer they spot wearing them in public. Not only that, with the existing regulations on attire in pro-golfing, being fashionable in the field would feel like a crime. Now, what manufacturers did to address this was simple.

Apart from being a professionally acceptable attire in the field, the new breed of golfing clothes can now also be worn in casual days. Many of the bestselling sets at the moment are those with enough style and comfort to be worn during grocery shopping, simple lunch-outs with friends, or even at work.

One favorable aspect of this innovation on the side of manufacturers is that they can charge double for their apparel. What’s even better is that their buyers don’t actually mind steeper prices. The fact that they can wear them in almost any kind of affair makes them willing to spend extra on golfing clothes.

Of course, competition remains. Thus, a new problem has risen for the manufacturers. Their cross-merchandising and distribution strategy was also adopted by mainstream retailers; hence, athletes won’t actually need to visit pro-golfer shops in order to buy these clothes. They can easily grab a set of golf shirts in their favourite shop together with a nice dress and a comfy pair of jeans. Short to say, players can literally buy their golfing outfit anywhere, and at the same time, wear them anywhere.

In order for them to keep up, these pro-golfing apparel manufacturers did what mainstream retailers do best; they began introducing new styles more frequently to keep generating sales. This, however, proved to be a rather genius strategy. Women actually appreciated the fact that they can buy their golf shirts in the shade they want, with the ideal sleeve length, and so on.

Some people view this kind of fashion innovation with scorn, especially those who take the sport seriously and professionally. However, this may not be the case when it comes to the feedback the golfing community has been receiving. With younger players serving as the models of these new styles, more and more women find the sport interesting. Their usual reactions when they see golfing magazines would be, “This sport is cool!” all because of the stun and style the athletes carry.

Another good effect of the meeting of sports and fashion is how easier it became for women to start learning golf. They would no longer need to buy a “golf outfit” because there’s a huge chance they already have a set laying in their closet. This just goes to show that sports and fashion aren’t exclusive from each other. The results of their uncanny mix have the power to change markets and industries.

Lanyards as an effective promotional item

You often see them every day at work, school or in the streets worn by office employees or students, but you may not have given them much attention. They have different colors and messages written on them and you wonder, when did neck lanyards become so much of a necessity in life that you bet there’s at least one lanyard available in every household that you know.

In the business world, where company branding is important and marketing strategies are highly valued, neck lanyards are not in the high-profile list of promotional items. They are simple and often left for granted, easily tossed on the side as it is easily worn for work. But lanyards, as humble as they are, can make simplicity their asset. In their simplest form, they can get their message across with the right cues.

Neck LanyardsIt is not surprising that most companies invest in a good quality lanyard, and most are exclusively customized to fit the brand that they are advertising. And since it is cheaper than putting up a billboard, this little item serves as a representation of the company, an organization or a cause in its own way.

The main purpose of the lanyard is to hold ID tags or identification cards but somehow people took advantage of this purpose to bring more value to the item. Instead of using simple strings to hold a name plate, they started using different materials, customizing designs, putting logos and messages, and adding different features like hooks and cellphone loops to make it more enticing. By doing this, they established a certain image to the public.

Neck lanyards can be considered as the small detail in an organization and is equally important as uniforms and ID cards. In a company, wearing a uniform unites the employees, and this is somehow the same with neck lanyards. An employee when wearing something from the company with pride reflects that he is happy and feels secure with the organization. Again, this holds great impact in the positive image that the company wants the people to see.

Integrating your product into lanyards is also a great way to let the public know your brand. For example, you are selling keys, you may include one lanyard with a key ring as a promotional item when someone buys from your store. Another example is when you are selling paint; as a freebie, you can include a lanyard designed with the color samples of your paint and it serves a dual purpose, a lanyard and a color board sample of your product. Just make sure to choose the right type of material for your lanyard.

Using neck lanyards in spreading an advocacy can also be an effective strategy. Just like when one is wearing a badge for cancer awareness, using lanyards can get someone’s attention. Some may even sympathize with you and join you in your advocacy. It is just a matter of exposing your advocacy in simple ways and being comfortable wearing such an accessory.

A small item can be a powerful tool for your business, no matter how simple it may be. With just a touch of creativity, you can transform a simple lanyard into an effective marketing strategy. There are a lot of things that you can do with lanyards to pattern it into your own and use it as a reflection of your brand. It is a cheap and versatile product that you won’t regret investing into. A lot of people are taking advantage of how easy it is to order and have their lanyards customized. So, it does not hurt to get one for your organization as well.

3 Nightmares SEO Companies Have To Deal With On A Regular Basis

Internet marketing doesn’t seem like a rough and tumble place to work within, and for the most part, it’s not. However, in the past few years, there have been some changes that have driven marketers to quit working on DIY elements and hiring serious companies to help them leverage the marketing channels necessary to compete in various arenas. You will find that if you’re going to gain forward progress within the world of marketing as a whole, no matter what niche you’re in, you’re going to have to look at the SEO Companies making moves today, and hire one of them. If not, you’re going to come face to face with some issues that even some marketers will testify as being nightmares.

The Algorithm Shifts

seo CompaniesThe first major thing that you should know about marketing right now is that you’re going to have to face an algorithm shift sooner or later. The search engines today are changing the way that they put together results and are causing a lot of people to lose steam within traffic margins and more. The reason why this is happening is simple, there’s an evolution going on and search engines want to be more relevant than ever. If you are not focusing on the changes and you’re just resting on your laurels, then you’re going to end up losing market share overall. Algorithms shifting means that your old marketing tactics aren’t going to work, so you’ll have to come up with all new options overall.

These shifts may not seem like a big deal at first glance, but you’re going to find them to be problematic as you start to see what you need to do in order to gain leverage moving forward. In fact, you will find that the shift is going to cause you to lose sight of the bigger picture, to a point where you’re going to end up seeing traffic drop in a spike pattern. Imagine having 1,000 hits a day, then getting 10 hits a day within a span of 12 hours. That’s going to cause you to deal with a serious issue that is a nightmare for most professional SEO Companies.

The End of Links (and Resurrection)

Link generation was called dead by many bloggers. It got to a point where you were told not to work within the parameters of link generation and it was true. You would find that the majority of links that you may have received in the past was not going to help you sustain anything moving forward. In fact, the end was here, and even Google had said they wouldn’t be focusing on these. Then things changed and the flip flop occurred, meaning that links do matter out of the blue, and many marketers had to go back to the drawing board and figure things out as a whole. If you are dealing with a variety of issues in this arena, you know that this can be a nightmare to deal with as a whole.

The end of links didn’t come through, but it’s a lot stricter than you may think. The reason why things are getting tighter overall is because you will have to make sure that all of your links are earned and slowly implemented. If you get a flood of links to your page, you are obviously doing something wrong in the eyes of search engines and they are going to dump your listings and indexes fast.

Content Issues

Content is king, and it’s a line that is going to be repeated all the time by marketers of all types. Content marketing is a good thing, but you cannot rest on the issue of one side. You may think that you can get away with just publishing things within a certain area, and perhaps even just have long form writing to be the major crux of your investment. While that’s a good thing, you should know that content issues are important to consider on a whole. The issue you may run into most is duplicate, thin, or content that is deemed outside of the parameters of what search engines feel is “unique” and good. You can’t read the minds of the developers working on the algorithms, so as long as you’re working with content elements that are somewhat good overall, you are going to be ok. However, if you are publishing PLR elements, spun articles, and things that seem to be outside of the scope of the search engine solutions today, you’re going to end up losing market share, and then issues start to complicate your forward push with relative ease.

Hiring Someone Fixes Things

Even though professional SEO Companies have some nightmares at times, you will find that they also promote your site in a manner that fixes these issues as they arise. When you’re doing the “DIY” thing, you can’t get to all the issues and may end up dealing with a variety of problems that a professional would know how to navigate through. If you’re not a serious marketer, then step aside and let a pro take the reins of your website. You’ll find that results will manifest easier, guaranteed.

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