Dragon City Mobile Game Review

Dragon City Mobile is a game developed and published by Socialpoint. To be completely honest and transparent, I heard about this game in one of the Beast Philanthropy videos. I thought if they were willing to support a nice charitable cause, the least I could do is check out their game. And when I saw on Google Play Store that they have over 100 million downloads and a rating of 4.8 stars, I was shocked. How is it possible that there was such an amazing game and I never played it? All of that is about to be changed.

Dragon City Mobile gameplay consists of players collecting various shiny dragons, hatching, and leveling them. Gold produced by dragons can be used to buy and upgrade buildings and habitats.

Farms can be used to grow food, which can be used to tingkatan up dragons, improve their strength depending mahjong slot on the dragon’s rarity, and also increase gold production. You can also breed two dragons that are at least tingkatan 4 to produce a new dragon. Those are kinda the basics of the game. If you go a little deeper into the game, you have more things to do.

The first thing would be designing the floating islands. You get one part of one island for gratis and the rest of it you gotta unlock by either slowly collecting resources or swiping for crystals. Early into the game, my island got very crowded and I couldn’t afford to expand.

The main issue I got is related to the whole dragon thing, which is kinda the focus of the game. In order to get a new dragon you have to do some missions if you want to unlock it (and of course, those dragons are the lowest rarity).

Or you gotta have to cash for them if you want to get anything remotely nice. Even if I somehow manage to get my hands on the rarest type, my troubles are far from over.

You’re going to have to hatch the egg, and that part usually takes a long amount of time. I’m not even talking about top rarity ones, I can only dream about getting those. I’m talking about lower rarity.

I needed a certain type to do a “story” mission and after I somehow magically managed to get my hands on one, I had to wait over 24h hours to hatch it. Which kinda meant that I had to wait the next day to play the game.

You could speed it up with gems, which are rarer than a four-leaf clover. Or you have an option to watch an ad in order to shave a couple of hours. Seems like a fair deal right? Depends on how you look at it.

One recurring theme that this game has is those nice ads. They seem very keen on “helping” you with things if you just watch a couple of ads. Oh, you are stuck? How about watching this bundle of ads? That will definitely help you.

I mean, it’s a nice-looking game with a nice concept and design. I wouldn’t mind watching a couple of ads if that helps to keep the game alive. But the way they do it is straight up shameful. Ads are on every corner, there is even a huge screen next to your island with an ad. It’s not like you gotta look at it for 30 seconds and it’s gone. No, it’s there the whole time. And in case you somehow missed it, it’s also in the middle of the screen of every story battle you do.

Final thoughts
I wish I was able to talk more about the actual game and go more in-depth but after a week of going through the whole ad simulation, I finally gave up. It’s more than obvious what kind of a game this is and I wanted nothing to have with it. One thing that boggles my mind is how this game is so highly rated.

PlaynForge why are you spitting all these facts?

Just the truth from me, otherwise, I wouldn’t be truthful in my quest to find the best mobile game.