New Co-op Mickey Mouse Game, Illusion Island, Announced Exclusively for the Nintendo Switch

During the D23 games showcase, Disney announced a new 2D platformer starring Mickey and friends called Disney Illusion Island. The new game is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Sporting a style similar to the Mickey Mouse shorts, Disney Illusion Island is an upcoming co-op platformer playable with up to four friends playing as either Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy. You can check out the trailer below.

Each character appears to have unique abilities, whether it\\\’s Donald\\\’s ability to swim, or Goofy\\\’s ginormous condiment bottle.

Disney\\\’s Illusion Island is an homage to classic Disney games and was developed by Dlala. You can learn spaceman slot more about how Illusion Island was created in our interview after today\\\’s livestream.

Players can play together on the couch when Disney Illusion Island comes to the Nintendo Switch next year.

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Revealed today during the somewhat underwhelming Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, Illusion Island is a new 2D, animated platformer being developed by DLaLa Studios and which seems to be heavily inspired by the recent (and fantastic) animated Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts. And weirdly, this new platformer will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

Illusion Island is a four-player co-op platformer that stars the iconic Disney characters Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy…the uh, Goofy. According to an interview with IGN, this new platformer is built on the “foundational elements” of a previously canceled game that Dlala Studios were also developing. That game, which was never officially announced, was also planned to be a co-op game, featuring 2D, hand-drawn art, and famous Disney characters. That all sounds a lot like this new Illusion Island. That original game was canned in 2016 before being officially announced, but now it seems it lives on in some form.